Home Sweet Alone

by The Usual Things

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Tell me a story, Make it a good one. Tell 'em about how we were crazy when we were young. I've told that story now for a lifetime. Seems like a lifetime since you've been mine.
You're all my best lines. All my perfect rhymes. But wer're just forcing a phrasing. You're just trying to make me fit. And we're just staring down the morning. 'cause neither of us wants this night to end. 'cause if we make it to the morning We're through. And I still love you in the morning When you give me that look. And you'll just pause there for a moment And forget what I took. And we're still staring down the morning. 'cause neither of us want this night to end. 'cause if we make it to the morning. We're through. You loved me when you left me. You drove away in the rain. You found the first flight home. I wake up alone.
I'm the devil don't you let me down easy. Just like a bandaid, baby, make it quick. I'm the bullet that just barely grazed you. Just a warning shot, an empty threat. Say you love me. Say you don't. Say you'll never come around. See you later, darling See you around. I'll hear you when you've hit the ground. The ground. Falling slowly Falling free Laugh at what's become of me. See you later, darling Yeah I'll see you around. I'll hear you when you hit the ground. When you're down, down, down. I'm the devil hope you never meet me. It's just waste of everybody's time. I'm the baggage that you leave behind. I might be yours But you'll never be mine. If misery loves company Why the hell am I alone? Every anti-anniversary I hope you'll be there when I stumble home.
I'm so glad that you've decided to embrace your curls You know yours was my favorite hair in the world. Now it only exists on the floor of our empty apartment. I don't wanna sweep. I can never sleep And I don't wanna change a thing Because you picked out all of my favorite things about this place. All my love. I wanna see it through. All my fears, They're coming true. I don't wanna live a life without you. Just wish you'd see me through. There's the emptiness. Yeah, there's the fear. There's your face that'll take me so far away from here. There's the sunken eyes and all the lies Staring at you in the mirror. But it's just you and you're standing there naked and alone. It used to be you'd wake me on a sunday afternoon But we weren't perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. It ended way too soon. Stuck in the wheelchair where the days are long The money you were promised now it's all gone More problems than friends Yeah I can do the math More bills than money no this can't last The din of the city The fuck you tone. The homeless dregs that never leave you alone And you'd never leave me. And I'd never cheat. I wake up to see you and it's just empty sheets.
Your frown's a story written with my lies You tell it with a wrinkle right above your blue eyes. But I'll be around. I'll be around. When the world gets you down. There's a few different endings And all of them are wrong. Maybe I should have loved you. Maybe I should have felt nothing at all.
How could I have ever been so bold As to think that this love wouldn't grow to be so cold? I'm still a liar I'm an arcing wire. I scar I maim Still I desire How can I have ever loved this much? I obliterate everything I touch. 'Til death does us part. Still I broke your heart. Still I'm filled with regret.
She's got christmas lights in her room. All year 'round. It keeps everything soft around the edges, as she lays inside the darkness. And a comforter that smells just like dog. Sweet but overwhelming. Something you love but could grow to hate. Something just like me. Everything is everywhere. Everything's a mess. Just like I left it, Just like you and me. You think of all the things you could have said. You think of all the things you said instead. When you're living inside your head. And you don't even know how you really feel. And you don't know if this love is real, Or if it's a fleeting thing. It's writing a song About the wrong girl When she calls your name It ruins your world. I didn't do it willfully. I wasn't calm It wasn't exacting But I knew it was wrong. An incinerator. A great house fire. You tell me the truth but I'm a fucking liar I watched it crumble as you turned to dust. I watched you trust me as I turned to lust. And you just wanted what you couldn't touch. The only thing she did was love too much, And you'll never see her again. And you just had to see about a girl. How can you know if you never roam if you were really home? And now you'll never really be home. I hope someday she'll be happy. Perhaps someday she'll continue to love me. Find someone that's good enough Somehow find someone to trust.
I Give Up 03:32
No it was never the sex with you, It was everything else we wanted to do. But oh how you lit a fire or two, The day you let me touch you. One of these nights, I'll just be out with it. "I love her but I love you two." And neither of us will know what to do, Silence will be our answer. I give up, I give in I'm just numb and lying here to myself all alone Won't you come home? You're the one night stand that'll last me the rest of my life. The sum of my greatest parts, My almost future wife. And I bleed the midwest, It's in my bones. And I truly miss you all. But I mostly miss that blonde-haired girl, who tells me not to call. I give up, I give in. My love walked out the door and took my life it And I hate this fucking town. Beat me up, shoot me down But don't you dare say nothing when I tell you "darling," that "I love you", At the end of every call. Ain't you lonesome now. Ain't you loathsome now. I give up, I give in Every sleight and every sin, I gave you plenty You never gave me any It's all my fault and it always was All the scars and all the broken stars you wished on, you wished on. Maybe some day I'll be forgiven for this, but until then don't do you dare try and forget me Don't forget me I give up I give in I hope that someday we can start again And you'll love me like I love you.
Magic Shows 03:52
We'd drive for for miles 'Til all the gas was gone 'Til the radio was playing the same songs. The gas was never free. But that won't keep you from me. I'd drive all night long and I did. Down 52 just to see you. Close your eyes and I'll see you soon. Magic shows. And a runny nose Another night filled with tears. Another wasted 10 years. How can I forgive myself? If I hate myself? You know that I miss my life I almost made you my wife. I tried throwing out my voice Just to hear a noise But the silence, it threw it right back. But she'll wrap you in her coat. And put a song in your throat... No, being alone won't get the best of you just yet. And I went and saw about the wrong girl. And all I think about is your lazy curls. Magic shows. And a runny nose. Another night filled with tears Another wasted 10 years. My life is filled with fear. I only wish you were here. I should burn for what I did to you. Some things time can't undo. Some things time won't undo.
Staring down a Saturday Waking alone. A year ago you and I would have called this home. With yellow siding and a white picket fence. That I watched you paint with our dog and our friends. Now it's all gone I wait for you tonight all alone. Now it's all wrong... I wait for you tonight to come home. Just wanna brush my teeth and lay next to her. Barely wake up when she leaves for work. My sweetheart keeps condoms in her purse. She drinks whiskey and I can't tell which is worse.
This Town 03:17
I've had it with this town I only liked it when she was around. The only joy I found. Only brings me down. Now I know you're with that boy. But I couldn't give a damn. I'm sitting here all alone. And I could be your man. How can you be sure he's the one that's right? Are you just being nice lying to yourself? I don't want to have broken your heart for no one. I just hope he's better than me. I had a dream that you were mine We laid in the grass and everything was fine. I laid my head on your chest. Finally got some rest. And we were happy. I want so badly for the dream to be true I want so badly to be with you. Just say the word and I'll be there. With no regrets and not a single care. Just say the word and I'll come back to you And all those years they'll become a blur. I was never gonna leave you For her. But you left me. What the fuck am I supposed to do?
Put out the light and go to bed Never mind those things inside your head Don't you dare go thinking of me instead. 'Cause I'll be coming home. Yeah, I'll be coming home soon.
If it weren't for you I'd be someone else. If it weren't for you I'd be somewhere else. With green, green colored leaves. And blue, blue colored seas. I went to school and paid for it myself. And I got a job just like everyone else. I live my life just like you said I should. I live my life just like you knew I always would. But I did it all for you. I did it all for you. I'll mow the lawn if it isn't raining. I'll keep the fridge filled with drinks and such. and I miss you, baby, so fucking much. I think about the last time that we touched. When all those doctors fucking lied They said you'd be alright. They break their promises to you nearly every night. You won't feel any pain. She's not in any pain. She's just resting her eyes. She'll kiss you goodnight. But I did it all for you. I did it all for you.
Can't say that I regret much of anything. But if I regretted not breaking your heart, Well what kind of man would that have made me? Well, to start, it would have made me yours. Well I guess this is the man I've become. Writing songs on a Sunday with no one. Parking lots and street lights. Your baby's not coming home tonight. Write you a letter, baby, Don't leave out any insults. 'cause I'll be on top. In my head we're doing fine. Yeah, in my mind, yeah, you're loving me all the time. Well I guess this is the man I've become, Writing songs on a Sunday with no one. Having you been my only regret. I suppose I can live with that. We're doing fine.
The Rejects 02:32
Do you remember being young? Remember what we used to call fun? I can't be the only one. I can't be the only one with regrets. Remember the summer spent alone In the basement that we'd call home. So happy to be the rejects.


released October 23, 2013




The Usual Things Minneapolis

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